Tokimonsta: A Beautiful Music Dynamo

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The seemingly harmless looking girl in the picture above, also known as Tokimonsta, charmed me through her music, and ravished me in ways I never thought possible with her hazy-lazy beats, dreamy synth loops and echoing space-trumpets. If you feel like being  sweet-talked and seduced without having to leave the comfort of your own home, check her out on Youtube, and buy one of her albums (I would advise starting off with "Midnight Menu") as soon as possible, you won't regret it.

Coachella Lineup This Year Is Incredible!

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I've been an avid music festival follower for many years, from the Reading and Glastonbury festivals in England, to South By South West, Bonnaroo and The Bamboozle in the US. However, no festival has excited me more than one being held in California this coming April. It's called Coachella, and every live act you've ever wanted to see will be there.

In particular, artists representing hiptronic music will be at Coachella in full force. To name but a few,  Daedelus, Tokimonsta, Nosaj Thing, and The Chemical Brothers will be in attendance.

Although it may cost a bit of money to experience these amazing musicians preach their music to the masses, I cannot stress enough how important it is that you go to this festival. It is a once in a life time opportunity to see such a perfect lineup, and you'll never see these artists all in one place at any other event.

Here's a video of Flying Lotus rocking Coachella back in 2010.

If this video is anything to go by, I have every faith that Coachella 2011 will be an experience I will not easily forget. I'm buying my ticket next week, hope to see you there!

Welcome to Hiptronic!

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Hey everyone, this is James East here with Hiptronic, a new blog keeping you up to date with the latest in hiptronic news. Hiptronic is mixture of electronic and hip-hop influences, and it's becoming increasingly important in the music industry as electronic and hip-hop artists are gravitating rather quickly towards this fun and dynamic genre.

Electronic music artists such Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, and Basement Jaxx have long since dominated the electronic music industry. On the flip side, artists such Kid Cudi, Aesop Rock, DJ Shadow, and El-P have revolutionized and branched out the hip-hop scene in recent years into underground alternative hip-hop. Some notable hiptronic artists who have risen to critical acclaim in both America and overseas include: Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Hudson Mohawke, Daedelus, Tobacco, Blockhead, Prefuse 73, and Nosaj Thing.

Artists forge the signature hiptronic sound from merging together electronic and hip-hop music. From electronic music, they use synthesizers, enticing walls of fuzzy sound, and glitchy out-of-time beats to create blazing soundscapes that make you feel like you're buzzing through space. And from hip-hop, they borrow hard-hitting drums and scorching vocal and instrumental samples that keep your feet moving and make you feel like a hood-thug (in a good way!)

Sounds pretty cool, right? Here's a quick podcast showing some of these hiptronic sounds, enjoy!

Introducing Hiptronic! by jamiejames7777777

Track listing in order of appearance:

1) Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers
2) Blockhead - Sunday Seance
3) Nosaj Thing - Us